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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

God is always listening

Last Friday I delivered bags to the hospital while there I was told from one of the regular girls at the desk that she was upset and feeling that people were not appreciated of the bags they seem to go threw and take what they want and leave the rest I told her that I wasn't happy to hear that but that I couldn't quite making them because if we help anyone that its worth it. I left and discussed this issue with my hubby later that weekend. Feeling down about it I went on with my regular routine.
Monday morning I received an email from a fellow who had spent the night in the ICU waiting area and wanted to thank me for the wonderful bag after his sweet comments he stated that he didn't use some of the items so he left them for someone else to use::::

Well GOD will keep you straight it wasn't that they were not appreciated it was that they are sensitive to others and don't want to waste our hard work.

That same morning I received an phone call from an Albany woman that wanted to say thank you she discovered the bags at 5 am in the morning, since she didn't need the blanket or pillow she left them neatly beside the other bags.

Sorry God I will do better with my thinking and go positive unstead of negative next time!
Lesson learned


We are having a workshop
Thursday March 31
Byron Depot
12-5 pm

we will be assembling bags
we will be stuffing and completing bags
we will be completing hospice quilts

see ya there

Saturday, March 26, 2011

delivery made

Delivered 50 bags to the medical center on Friday
they have added another ICU waiting room so
we will be servicing 3 there from now on!!

We also got 30 baby blankets delivered to the
Baskets of Joy Ministry for the Easter baskets.

Mark your calendars for this Thursday 3-31-11
12-5 at the Byron Depot

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Let's get sewing

Spring is here so let sew some sunshine into these ICU waiting rooms for some needy folks

Byron depot
March 17


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Update on New venture

week #1

Cooked some goodies and delivered to several household
Reached out to some folks with cards

week #2

Took a a gentleman to his first appointment with a cancer doctor
reading to a first grade class Wednesday
Doing the ICU workshop on Thursday

Please send me all your request to help some needy folks

delivery made

I delivered 38 bags to the Coliseum this week. The waiting rooms were pretty full.

We are all set to get sewing this week

March 3rd
Byron Depot

This week at the workshop we will be working on the following

ICU Bags
Baby blankets for the Easter Baskets
lap quilts for hospice patients

Hope to see you there