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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Todays workshop

What a fabulous day the weather was perfect We were at the Depot and had all the doors open sewing and enjoying the breeze. We were making baby blankets for the Baskets of Joy ministry. We completed 43. We also completed and packed 27 ICU bags that I will deliver tomorrow to the Houston Heath Care Hospital. Thanks goes out to Glenda Myers, Karla and Kenneth Micheal Chidester for all their hard work. What a blessed day that will continue to bless the ones that receive one of these bags, and the baby's that get the blankets.

God Bless

Mark your Calender Feb 11th and 25th for next months workshops

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A letter from Baskets of Joy

January 22, 2010

Dear Para Vinson , Byron Bobbins ICU Ministry;

Our baskets of joy project began fourteen years ago when we learned many of the children who were living in local children Home did not receive Easter baskets. Over the years our project has grown to include Georgia Industrial Children Home, Hephzibah Children Home, Masonic Children Home, The Elizabeth House, The Dove Center and some local foster homes. With the help of family, friends, and churches, organizations and businesses along with lots of prayer, we have provided over 1,725 children with Easter baskets.
Having grown up in a children home and knowing the feeling of not being able to experience some of the joys other people experience has made this project very closes to our hearts.
Each basket will contain a small bible, a stuffed animal, a chocolate bunny, small gifts, candy and treats. Most of all, each basket will show a child someone cares about them.
We are requesting your help in making our project a success by donating baby blankets. Baskets of Joy is affiliated with Kids Yule Love and can provide a tax ID number upon request.
Your kindness and generosity in making the difference in the life of a child will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for considering our request. We look forward to hearing from you before March 8th. You may contact Katie at 578-836-5413.

Thank you

Clay and Katie Jones

Sewing for ICU as well as Baskets of Joy

Get your sewing shoes on and meet me at the Byron Depot
Thursday Jan 28

We will be Sewing for our ICU Bags
also Katie Jones from Baskets of Joy wants us to sew her some Baby blankets for her up coming Easter baskets. I will post the contents of the letter she sent us.

Look forward to seeing you all!!

Para Vinson

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

upcoming workshop

Don't forget this weeks workshop

Thursday January 28th 2010
Byron Depot
We will be concentrating on sewing come on out and fellowship while we sew.

Questions or comments please call
Para Vinson 478-214-5560

Monday, January 18, 2010

A letter fom Ms Claudia Johnson's

We received a letter from a lady who received a ICU survival kit. She stated that her mom was in ICU for 5 weeks her and her family lived out of town and someone stayed there at the hospital 24/7. The kits were much appreciated she wrote. But the most important thing were that the bags were filled with prayers meant the most to this family. Our work is so important and will continue as long as I'm breathing. God is good.

Prayers to all

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ICU Workshop 1-14-10

We are had a great day. Got a lot of sewing done. Ms Vodys O'Neal brought in around 30 pillows, 25 blankets and 25 bag that she had made from home. Ms Glenda stopped by to help sew we completed about 20 blankets and pillows. Had several visitors that wanted to see what it was all about. A beautiful day in the 50's what a blessing from the lord. Mark your calendar Thurs 28th for our next workshop

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ICU Workshop

Friendly reminder

Thursday January 14, 2010
Byron Depot

We will be sewing Bags--Blankets-- pillows

Questions 478-214-5560

Para Vinson

ICU Workshop at Byron Depot October 2009

ICU Workshop July 2009

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We are having the first ICU workshop for 2010.

Date January 14th, 2010
Where Byron Depot
Time 1-6 pm

Everyone is invited to come out and have fun and fellowship. We are going to be concentrating on sewing this session. We will be making Blankets, pillows and bags.

Please bring your machine or there will be there some there.

You can also bring donations during that time.

Questions 478-214-5560


Para Vinson

Welcome to the ICU Survival Kit Ministry

I am so excited to tell you all about my ministry. As I stated in profile I spent 8 week in ICU waiting rooms. WOW the ups and downs emotions are out of control as you sit there hour after hour waiting on good news about your patient, there are all these other families waiting on news of their own, after awhile you become one big family laughing together/ crying together sharing stories of your loved ones. As I look back on that time I never realized such places existed I mean I knew of ICU but had never been there except 5 years before when I got a call about my mom being in the hospital I went to the floor they told me and when I arrived they had moved her to the ICU cardiac unit I went threw the door and someone said ring the bell and they will help you I did and no one answered I remember the room was quiet and I could feel eyes watching me a lady said ring it again they had a emergency so I replied they said they brought my mom here someone spoke up and said just go threw the doors (somehow they knew it must be my mom) I went threw the doors and it was true she was in trouble a machine breathing was breathing for her she looked so fragile as the Chaplin started to pray there was this sound I will never forget and a line across the machine and she was gone. In disbelief and out of body experience I went back threw that waiting room trying to get to the pay phone when I dropped my change all over the floor and some lady I didn't know grab and hugged me so hard as she whispered its okay I'm a preacher just let it go. Its amazing how someone I'd never seen before could comfort me in such a way. Then 5 years later I'm in Grady hospital on a Saturday and we were in a waiting room on another floor (since my friends family came on the weekend so we needed more room) I can remember sitting there and visiting when this family entered the room you could tell it was serious so we tried to be very quiet from what we could gather it was a small child and they had fell it seemed to be the dad and step mom in the room we were in and the mother was down the hall. Seemed the child fell while in the care of the step mom as all the white coats entered the room it was like the breath was knocked out of us all as they told about the child not making it I remember sitting there and the next thing I knew I was on my knees in front of that step mom and I just grabbed her and said its OK let it go. till this day I don't remember walking over to that girl the lord carried me I think he put you where I needed to be because someone was there for me I knew what to do. So a year to the date of my friends accident I called him and said we are going on a ride I picked him up and we went back to the ICU where he was first taken ed he was not to thrilled about going but we went anyway I took some homemade cookies and some magazines I went and spoke to each family and told them that prayers work, here before you is the biggest miracle I know. The look in their eyes as they heard his story was amazing and I knew I was suppose to put together these bags and bring hope and prayers to these people. So I called some friends and went threw my garage and started the bags I called the ICU Survival Kits because they contain a homemade blanket, pillow, toiletry items and magazines ( to take you away for just a moment or two), and finally with lots of prayers. You never know when you may get that call you aren't prepared to be staying there but you won't leave the hospital till you are sure your love one is safe so these bags will help you survive their time there.