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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Venture

I'm am excited about a new venture that I am embarking on. But I will need info from others to accomplish this mission. I am looking for people in need. If you know such individuals or family's email me or call with their request. Some examples would be as follows::

Need home cooked meal delivered
Need an error ran for them
Need a card sent to cheer them up
Need a visit or hug

This is a beautiful world we live in. And times are hard so its easy to get overwhelmed or depressed. So I want to help in some small way Little things do matter. This is in the early stages of my Venture but my plans are to do at least one good deed a week I will set one day aside to do something for somebody. But I need some request I cant get to everyone one of them I'm sure but small steps. I want to get the request and fulfill as many as I can under cover. I wont tell who requested unless you want them to know. Sometimes we all need a little help but would be embarrassed for folks to know so the low profile will help keep their pride. So let me know if you know of a deserving person. I cant do everything but heres some of my passions

just to name a few

Thanks for you time and helping me make someones day.

Para Vinson
Helping Hands
DBA Byron Bobbins

Thursday, February 17, 2011

todays workshop

we had a great day today!!!

weather was wonderful so we had the doors opened and enjoyed the breeze.

We completed
40 ICU bags
14 baby blankets (for the Easter basket ministry)
24 adult bibs (for heartland hospice)

Thanks to everyone who helped

Ms Marie
Ms Barbara
Ms Glenda
Karla and Kenneth Micheal

for the donations
Ms Bobbie Collins
Ms Dot Rigsby
Carolyn Dorsey
Debbie Mason
Rhonda Kelley
Eric Burke

Hope to see everyone next meeting March 3rd

Continue to pray for Ms Deborah her heart cath went well today praise the lord

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 17th

Our next get together Is
February 17th 12-5pm

Byron Depot

We have a new project that we will be doing along with ICU bags

We were asked to do Bibs for elderly hospice patients

So hope you can come help sew bring your machines and lets get busy

See ya all there

God Bless

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time to get Sewing

Well the weather is once again cold so come out and let get sewing I just purchase a used singer for the workshop this is an old school straight stitch machine with no bells and whistles so everyone can use it we also have one my sergers up and running again WHOOOOOO

Hope to see ya all there

Thursday Feb 3rd
12-5 at the Byron Depot

Para 214-5560