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Monday, November 28, 2011

someone gave my number thought I could help this family

I just received a call from a lady in whos sister is in ICU at The coliseum she has been there for over 6 weeks they dont know whats going on with her. this lady has just took procession of her 2 nieces 1 yr and 7 yrs she need clothes if you have
girls clothes size 12 months and 7/8 girls shoes coats etc
call me

I want to try and get some clothes up there tomorrow



Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving. Ours was nice anytime you get to see the Grand baby its thankful. Well the Christmas rush and chaos has begun. We all want to have festive things and get together s for the holidays. But lets please remember all the fancy things aren't important its the little things that matter so as you enter this holiday be thoughtful of others and spend time with the people you love and help your neighbors and friends. Its harder on folks this time of year with money and time to complete all the tasks. We will be making our annual trip to the ICU'S on Christmas morning. Anyone interested in being a part of this or helping with the preparing the bags are the food we deliver let me know.
Also if you someone needs help this holiday that we can help let us know.