Spend your life Paying it forward!!!!!!!
Everyone is GODS Somebody

Thursday, July 29, 2010

WOW what a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great day so many great volunteers showed up we got a lot done We completed 76.
Rosa Rice took 15 to Perry and Ill take the rest to Macon next week.

I want to thank everyone::

Debbie Mason
Charlotte Penny
Debra Blackburn
Anslea Morris & friend
Karla & Kenneth Micheal
Fran Sanders
Glenda Myers
Barbara Yeates
Kathy Garrison

What a blessing to have you ladies helping
Love to all

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I received an email from a Ms Cooper that she had me some material I was instructed to go to The Bonaire Methodist Church. Wow when I got their there was a ton of stuff. They had posted in the church bulletin to bring items for the bags to vacation bible school so all the kids brought some great items.

God bless you all


Hey guys

Its time for another workshop
Thursday July 29th
Byron Depot

I have 60 bags ready to be stuffed We need to get some blankets and pillows done!!!!

See ya there

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I found a great deal on some fabric so I loaded up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all our donors


I made a delivery today!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys

At the last workshop we completed about 20 completed bags. This morning I completed 10 more. I made a delivery to the medical Center I first went to the 4th floor heart ICU to my surprise it was an empty room I never seen that in all my years I left 15 bags. I then went to the 2nd floor ICU and boy was it packed I went around and gave one bag to each family I started with 15 and ended with 2. I had a chance to visit with the patients rep. Tonya as we visited I noticed a little girl around 6 yrs old I had given her mother a bag the child was pulling out and examining all the contents of the bag when she came across the tooth brush and tooth paste she got up and headed straight to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. What a nice feeling god allowed me to stay behind and visit so I could see the rewards of our work.
god bless

Monday, July 5, 2010

results of workshop on July 1st

We had a great day the weather was beautiful we had all the doors opened. we concentrated on sewing we made 30 pillows 25 blankets and 15 bags we welcomed a new friend to our group Ms Fran Sanders. Also helping was Glenda, and Ms Barbara.