Spend your life Paying it forward!!!!!!!
Everyone is GODS Somebody

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mark your calandar

We will be meeting and sewing
Thursday July 1st 1-6pm

See ya there

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Praise the lord

I received a envelope in the mail on Monday from a lady in Milledgeville enclosed was a donation no note just a check that noted Thanks.

Then on Tuesday I received another envelope from a lady from Warner Robins enclosed was a thank you note and read

My Friend,
I am a DAUGHTER to a patient who was in ICU at the medical Center(April 26-30th) I too was there 3 weeks & 3 more in Hospice in Perry.
My mother died June 5th in hospice "MATTIE NASH"
We used your pillow to rest my moms swollen hands on.(I HAVE IT NOW TO CRY ON)
I was very tired & bewildered when we had to move mom 4 times God knew what had to be, but not me. Our last move god arranged for me to meet up with a very close friend and co-worker. Before I signed the papers. She was working at hospice. We cling ed and cried she was my "SPECIAL ANGEL" there she prayed with me held me when I needed it and let me know what was next.
God bless you & your ministry
Myrtice Pieceno

she enclosed a donation. God rest the sole of Ms NASH

God please be with these special ladies as they go down the path from their ICU experience and thank you lord for my path of this ICU ministry. I am blessed just to be a part of these special families and I pray that you allow me to continue to touch lives till the day I come home to you.
Your humble servant


We had a great time at last weeks workshop.
We had 6 of us working. Would like to welcome our newest
helpers Ms Fran Sanders and Ms Barbara Yeates.
We made over 60 pillows, thanks to Ms Cathy (see 6 weeks
ago Ms Cathy showed up with a new sewing machine in a box
all taped up and now she is responsible for making these cases
at home)so all we had to do is stuff and seal. I love it when folks
learn their talents. And completed 16 ICU kits they were
delivered to The Perry hospital yesterday, by
our sweet friend Rosa Rice she is the official delivery person
for Perry. I want to thanks everyone for their help and continued
support. God is good and he allows me to continue my journey daily
Blessing to all.
JULY 1st
JULY 15th
July 29th

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Lets get sewing
June 17th
Byron Depot

Sunday, June 6, 2010


We had a fundraiser Saturday 6-5-2010

We sold Sack lunches
and had a yard sale

We made about 110.00 for the ICU account.

what a wonderful day

Thanks ladies for all the hard work!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thank you ladies

Wanted to thank all the ladies for handling
things at today's icu workshop, I had to
go out of town for a personal matter and these
special ladies pulled my weight.
Thanks love you all

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't forget tomorrow
Byron depot
Thursday June 3rd
we need to make lots of bags delivered the last ones we made

god bless and let's get sewing